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Activist in Akciabrski fined over protest against election fraud

Alena Lutskovich in the courtroom
Alena Lutskovich in the courtroom

The District Court of Akciabrski, a town in Homieĺ region, has fined Alena Lutskovich, leader of the United Civil Party’s Young Democrats youth wing and an observer in this year’s presidential election, 2.7 mln rubles for staging a protest on October 30, when the activist displayed a poster saying “I have proofs that the election was rigged!”

It’s really sad. With my picket, I tried to draw attention to election rigging. There was a crime, and I tried to open an investigation of this crime, so that the perpetrators could be punished. Instead they punished me, turned me into a criminal or a malicious hooligan violating public order. 2.7 mln is a heavy fine for me,” said Ms. Lutskovich after the trial held on November 4.

The activist staged the protest after she received a reply from the Prosecutor’s Office saying that “the complaints have been left without consideration on the merits” due to the expiration of the period for appealing election results. Meanwhile, Alena Lutskovich argued that she, along with another observer Andrei Pavuk, possessed evidence of electoral fraud. As a result, she was detained by police officers and charged with illegal picketing.