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Smarhoń: CEC ignores apparent vote rigging facts

Lidziya Yarmoshyna, chair of the Central Election Commission
Lidziya Yarmoshyna, chair of the Central Election Commission

Ales Dzerhachou, an independent observer from the town of Smarhoń, Hrodna region, has received a reply to his appeal submitted to the Central Election Commission. The observer sent photocopies of documents, which proved the discrepancy between the official data announced by the CEC and figures published in the protocols of election commissions at a number of polling stations in Smarhoń district. According to Mr. Dzerhachou, the official data posted on the CEC website were significantly underestimated: at eight polling stations alone where observation was conducted, according to the official protocols of precinct commissions, Tatsiana Karatkevich received 1,870 votes. Meanwhile, the CEC website said there were only 887 votes in all the 40 polling stations of the district.

In its reply to the complaint, the CEC provided an inarticulate answer, which did not address the issue on the merits. Among other things, the official letter said that “the information contained in your letter and the fragments of the photocopies of protocols attached thereto are not fit for establishing the inaccuracy of the above information.”

Thus, the Central Election Commission has refused to admit apparent falsification of vote counting in Smarhoń district.

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