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BPF member fired for observing elections

Liudmila Tserashonkava
Liudmila Tserashonkava

Liudmila Tserashonkava, a former employee of a Viciebsk-based sports school, says her dismissal was politically motivated.

The woman was dismissed on October 10 in connection with the termination of her employment contract. Since the employer had no claims about the BPF activist’s attitude to her duties, she believes that the termination of the contract can only be explained by her active opposition stand.

I worked as a janitor. There were no complaints or conflicts. The staff knew that I’m a member of the Belarusian Popular Front, that I was involved in the election observation, but no one spoke negatively about this. A month before the expiry of my contract I was notified about this. I wrote an application asking to extend the contract, saying that I’d be satisfied if they allowed me to work at least until December. They refused. I disagreed and wrote two statements, one to the department of sports and tourism of the Viciebsk Regional Executive Committee, the other to a similar authority of the City Executive Committee. There are no answers yet.

Given the fact that at the moment the work of a janitor is done by my husband, it is clear that I was fired without any valid reason dealing with working conditions or a possible reshuffle of employees. But the activity that I used to show during this presidential campaign, it is quite evident and obvious. Therefore, I am inclined to believe that my dismissal was solely done for political reasons,” says Mrs. Tserashonkava.

During the presidential campaign, Liudmila Tserashonkava observed voting at polling station No. 15. Over a short period of time, she wrote three complaints against electoral violations.