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Vaŭkavysk prosecutors in the dark about electoral laws, says local observer

Following the election day procedures, Vital Huliak, an independent observer from the town of Vaŭkavysk, Hrodna region, has complained to the District Prosecutor's Office about alleged violations of electoral law, namely, violations of the procedure of vote counting at polling station No. 3.

However, the Prosecutor's Office did not consider the complaint, but forwarded it to the district executive committee, which eventually replied to the observer in an official letter signed by the deputy chairman Uladzimir Zakharchuk. The reply said that the statements by other observers accredited at the polling station revealed no violations of the Electoral Code. The official suggests that Vital Huliak should appeal against the refusal to the Hrodna Regional Executive Committee.

The observer stresses that the executive committees do not possess the right to review complaints against the election commissions. The Prosecutor's Office should have investigated the allegations itself and issued a decision on whether to forward the complaint to the Central Election Commission or the territorial election authority.

As a result, the government body responsible for monitoring compliance with the legislation has become a source of violations itself, says Mr. Huliak.

“Human Rights Defenders For Free Elections”