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Salihorsk prosecutors bounce report on rigged voter turnout

According to the Salihorsk District Prosecutor Aleh Audzei, falsification of voter turnout at polling station No. 24 should be addressed by the district election commission, refusing to take measures of prosecutor's response in this regard.

On October 12, local observer from the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, Viktar Malochka, sent a complaint about a discrepancy of 382 people in voter turnout between his estimates and the official data.

Viktar Malochka believes that the Prosecutor's Office decided to withdrew from solving a difficult problem. “Of course, it is the direct competence of the Prosecutor's Office, supervision over compliance with the electoral law. A falsification of voter turnout by members of Salihorsk election commission No. 24 is a criminal offense, which should be addressed by the Prosecutor's Office. Moreover, there is no technical difficulty about this. Checking the voters register, the presence of their signatures and arrange at least partial interviewing. Not to mention more sophisticated methods of determining the location of people possessed by our law enforcement agencies. After all, it is not only about the overestimation of the turnout. In fact, it was the election commission that voted instead of these 382 persons, having re-distributed the votes in their own way,” says the observer.

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