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Salihorsk: observers complaint to prosecutor's office regarding turnout overstatement

The independent observer at polling station No. 24 in Salihorsk Viktar Malochka appealed to the Salihorsk District Prosecutor's Office regarding the considerable overstatement of turnout of voters on the election day in the protocol of the PEC.

In his statement Mr. Malochka reports about the overstatement of the turnout by 382 persons. He atteched his notes with the registration of the voters by hours, to his appeal. He notes that he didn't leave the polling station, even for having dinner.

In addition, Viktar Malochka requests to check the validity of the docuemnts for the nomination of members to the PEC, whether they are really the members of the parties and organizations they were allegedly nominated by. He asks for such an inspection due to the fact that all members of precinct election commission No. 24 proved to be representatives of the first mine of "Belaruśkali".

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections"