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Rečyca: the turnout was significantly overstated, commissions held manipulations with home voting

Observer Valery Putsitski reported about peculiarities of voting at polling station No. 20 in Rečyca.

“There is a large discrepancy between our number and the numbers of the PEC. In particular, the turnout during the early voting was overstated by 50 persons, the turnout during home voting – by 100-140 persons, during the election day – by 150 persons, i.e. - for a total of at least 300 observers,” sums up Mr. Putsitski.

He noted that almost one fifth of the observers on the list weren't introduced in the lists of voters and their personal data were put into an additional list. There were about 100 such cases. “At the same time, the resulting number of voters in the protocol didn't increase significantly. It means that those who came to vote were added whereas others were crossed out instead of them,” notes the observer.

According to his information, 67 voters expressed the wish to vote at home. However, there were 205 ballots in the ballot boxes. “Meanwhile, it is unreal to visit each elector's home in just two minutes,” argues he.

Predictably enough, he and other observers weren't allowed to monitor the counting of votes, being put at the distance of 8 members from the table.

According to Mr. Putsitski, another situation could be observed at polling station No. 18: applications for home voting were filed by 247 people, but only 65 of them voted (!). These are the numbers in the commission protocol.

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