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Baranavičy: observers file complaints on discrepancy in turnout during early voting

The observers Ryhor Hryk and Tamara Strelchyk filed the third appeal to the Baranavičy Inter-district Prosecutor's Office and the Brest Regional Prosecutor's Office and the Central Election Commission regarding the facts of forgery of electoral documents at polling station No. 20.

The complaint reports that the observers were present at the polling station during the whole period of early voting, attentively counting and putting down the number of the persons who voted there. According to the,, during the five days of early voting there voted 593 versus 855 present in the PEC protocol. The discrepancy is 262 people.

During the fifth day of early voting, October 10, the observers counted 206 people, whereas the commission – just 162. The observers believe that this witnesses that the chairperson of the commission, Viktar Dulub, knew the number of the ballots that had been stuffed in the ballot box and coordinated the number of voters so that the data in the protocol would match.

In their complaint, Ryhor Hryk and Tatsiana Strelchyk express the opinion that the ballots could be thrown in at night and that these violations had a significant impact on the results of voting at the polling station.

Therefore they ask the Baranavičy inter-district prosecutor's office to hold an inspection on these issues, find the results of early voting at the polling station invalid and punish the violators of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus according to Art. 192 of the Criminal Code.

The prosecutor's office, as usual, pass ed the complaint to the TEC, whose chairperson, Tamara Shukala, paid a visit to PEC No. 20 and took a written explanation from Viktar Dulub, but didn't even talk to the observers.

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