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Babrujsk: massive overestimation of turnout on election day

The regional coordinator of the campaign “Right to Elect” Taisiya Kabanchuk continues collecting and analysing information from observers. However, she is already able to state a large overestimation of the turnout at virtually all polling stations.

“Members of PEC No. 26, where I observed the voting, prohibited observers to come close to the place where the votes were counted (in the photo). As a result, there are 398 “extra voters” in the final protocol. At polling station No. 54 they added 260 people, at polling station No. 55 – as many as 632,” says Mrs. Kabanchuk.

The observer says that there cannot be any mistakes on her own part or on the part of her colleagues, because the voters were calculated by two independent observers at each polling station.
"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections"