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Chair of Minsk PEC No. 6 to foreign journalist: don't shoot me on video, you violate human rights!

Chairperson of Minsk PEC No. 6 speaking to observers
Chairperson of Minsk PEC No. 6 speaking to observers

Correspondent of the Polish Internet-edition provided human rights activists with a video where it can be seen how members of precinct election commission No. 6 of the Pieršamajski district (Niezaliežnasci Ave., 85) prevented her from taking video during the calculation of votes. The chair of the commission, Natallia Kunouskaya, threatened the journalist with the police.

As one can see in the video, the PEC members barricaded themselves with chairs behind which, according to their views, observers were prohibited to go. When the observers demanded to be provided with the opportunity to see what was going at the table, Natallia Kunouskaya stated: “If you are dissatisfied with something, nobody keeps you here. This is my precinct, and I am to dictate the rules here!”

After that, the PEC members surrounded the table at which the votes were counted and the observers could see only their backs.

Correspondent tried to come closer to the table in order to shoot on video what was going there. One of the PEC members immediately said she objected against being shot on video. The chairperson immediately continued: “You are violating human rights in this situation!”.

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections"