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Vaŭkavysk: chair of PEC No. 3 expels observer using four-letter words

Vital Huliak, civil society activist from Vaŭkavysk
Vital Huliak, civil society activist from Vaŭkavysk

Chair of Davatarski PEC No. 3 Cheslau Baklazhats couldn't restrain himself after observer Vital Huliak hand him his complaint in which he registered the non-transparency of the calculation of votes.

As stated by the observer, the procedure of the counting of votes at Davatarski polling station No. 3 was held very quickly and wasn't transparent. According to him, ballots from the ballot boxes for early voting and home voting were put in one heap. The commission members didn't voice any numbers during the counting of the ballots, and called only the final results. Moreover, the observers saw some strangers at the polling station.

After the end of the procedure of the counting of votes, Mr. Huliak wrote a complaint to the chair of the PEC, Cheslau Baklazhats. As reported by the observer, in report the chairman started waving the paper before the observer's face, using obscene language, and then expelled him from the polling station.

“Moreover, I was sitting in one place during the whole day, observing the voting. Before the calculation of the votes the tables were put in the center. As a result, I happened to be quite close from these tables, seeing all that was going on there. The chairman of the PEC came up to me and pulled me by the collar to another place, where all other observers were sitting,” added the observer.

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