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Officer of Belarusian Embassy in Prague threatens participants of picket against election rigging with deportation

Picket near the Belarusian Embassy in Prague. October 11, 2015
Picket near the Belarusian Embassy in Prague. October 11, 2015

October 11, Ukrainian and Belarusian civil society activists in Prague picketed the Belarusian Embassy in Prague with the demand to hold fair elections and put an end to election rigging.

An officer of the Embassy tried to intimidate them. This was reported by the Ukrainian Human Rights Center “Postup” at its FB account:

Czech police politely asked us what was written on the posters. An officer of the Embassy also paid attention to our activists, trying to intimidate the picketers with the threats that the police would put their personal data in the database of extremists and all picketers would be detained and deported.

Ukrainian Human Rights Center "Postup"

According to the report, the same officer of the embassy aggressively demanded that the police take the picketers to the other side of the road, where there was no pavement and where they, therefore, couldn't stand. He justified his demand by saying that the few picketers hindered passers-by, including those who were going to vote at the Embassy. According to the Embassy information, 28 citizens of Belarus voted there by the midday.