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Homieĺ: woman punches observer in the face after her surname is not found in the list of electors

The incident took place at polling station No. 9 in the Centraĺny district of Homieĺ. As reported by an observer of the Belarusian Popular Front “Adradženne” Aliaksandr Dzenisenka, he was hit in the face by an unknown woman.

According to the observer, the woman came to the polling station to vote and threw her passport on the table of the election commission. Members of the election commission didn't find her surname in the list of electors and told her about it. Then she came to the table of the observers, asked what they were doing there and suddenly punched Aliaksandr Dzenisenka in the face. The police were called and the woman was detained for discrimination.

Local observers continue registering various violations, such as the discrepancy in the turnout. Fr instance, according to their calculations, 182 people voted at polling station No. 23 in the Saviecki district, wheras the commission's number is 427.

At polling station No. 26, located in secondary school No. 5 of Homieĺ, observers were sitted in a long narrow corridor, 15-20 meters away from the ballot box, as a result of which they are deprived of the opportunity to really observer the process of voting.

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