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Salihorsk: observer challenges prohibitions to make photos and videos of the counting of votes

None of the observers of the campaign “Right to Elect” have been allowed to take photos and videos during the counting of votes at the polling stations of Salihorsk.

“I filed the request for allowing me to take photos and videos at the polling station both during early voting and other election day, especially during the counting of votes, to the chairman of Salihorsk precinct election commission No. 24 Aliaksandr Harbachou. In his official answer Mr. Harbachou stated that Art. 13 of the Electoral Code doesn't provide observers with the rights to take photos and videos. It's quite interesting that he took the decision on my appeal by himself, it wasn't taken by the election commission at its sitting,” says the observer Viktar Malochka.

A similar refusal was received by the observer Pavel Batuyeu, who observes the elections at polling station No. 33 in Salihorsk. The observer regards it as the creating of unlawful obstacles to the election observation, which violates of the principle of transparency in the conduct of elections.
He has filed an appeal against the decision of the PEC to the Salihorsk District Election Commission.

Let us remind that on October 10, observer Uladzimir Shyla revealed the opening of the ballot box for early voting at polling station No. 32 during the dinner break. He noticed the change of the situation of the seal on the ballot box by 3 centimeters. Meanwhile, at the very beginning of early voting he asked to be allowed to make a photo of the ballot box and the seal, but was forbidden to do it.

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections"