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Kryčaŭ: observers' calculations reveal a large discrepancy in the number of early voters on October 10

October 10, independent observers at Sožavy polling station No. 4 in Kryčaŭ counted 101 voters less than written in the PEC protocol for that day. At Vakzaĺny polling station No. 8, independent observer Nadzeya Ivanova counted 25 voters less than in the PEC protocol, though she didn't leave the polling station even for a minute.

The observers also noted an attempt of repeated voting by a woman who had already voted on October 6 at polling station No. 8. The commission refused to issue her a ballot only after a remark of an independent observer.

According to Siarhei Niarouny, during the whole period of early voting the management of almost all enterprises and organizations of the city continued coercing their employees to vote early. The independent observer stresses that people were not only told to vote early themselves, but also to encourage to it the members of their families. Such pressurization was especially evident in state institutions.

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections"