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Hlusk: PEC chair corrects information in protocol of voting without explanations (photos)

Polling station No. 2 in Hlusk
Polling station No. 2 in Hlusk

October 10, Vasil Berazouski, chairman of precinct election commission No. 2 in Hlusk, changed the protocol of early voting for October 9 after an observation of the independent observer Ihar Kiryn (photos 1 and 2).

In the afternoon Ihar Kiryn drew the chairman's attention to the fact that the number of unused ballots, indicated in the PEC protocol for October 9 was much smaller that it would be after subtracting the number of those who voted early from the number of the ballots, received by the PEC. After that, the chairman silently went away and in some time posted a new protocol for October 9, indicating the correct number of unused ballots. However, he didn't offer any explanations for his actions.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kiryn managed to learn the total number of the electors that were included in the voter list of the PEC (1,517) only after the polling station was visited by OSCE observers from France and Germany.

Ihar Kiryn also says he witnessed the reporting of pro-governmental observers to the PEC chairman on October 10. According to the independent observer, the activities of the pro-governmental observers at polling station No. 2 are coordinated by an officer of the ideological department of the Hlusk District Executive Committee Siarhei Silichonak, who is also registered as an observer at this polling station.

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