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Baranavičy: discrepancy in turnout keeps growing

The independent observers disovered a yet larger discrepancy in the results of the third day of early voting at polling station No. 20 in Hayavaya Str., 59.

The final protocol, posted by PEC No. 20 after 7 p.m. on October 8, indicates that 247 people voted on that day, whereas the observers counted just 119.

“We have been monitoring the elections at this polling station for the third day already. According to our calculations, only 119 people voted there on October 8, whereas the precinct election commission reports about 247 voters. You see, the discrepancy is 128 persons. For the third day already we have an opportunity to assure that a large number of “extra votes” is simply added in the protocol. All in all, for the three days of early voting, we have 291 “additional voters”,”commented the independent observer Ryhor Hryk.

After the secon day of the early voting Mr. Hryk and Tatsiana Strelchyk filed complaints with the Baranavičy Inter-district Prosecutor's Office and the Central Election Commission, hoping that the forgery at the polling station will stop after this. However, nothing has changed. “It seems that the chairman of the PEC Viktar Dulub feels not only his impunity, but also a strong support of representatives of state bodies,” commented Ryhor Hryk.

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections"