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Brest: SMS-messages with calls to vote are sent even to foreign citizens

In recent days, many residents have received a text message from the alleged "Central Election Commission" (that's how the SMS messages are signed).

The message calls the receiver to take part in the voting, because “your vote is important!”. Most of the receivers are surprised with such insistence of the organizers of the elections and consider it as an attempt to increase the turnout at the polling stations.

But the most interesting is that such SMS messages are sent not only to citizens of Belarus, but also to the foreign citizens who live in the country. For instance, among its receivers there is a citizen of Moldova, who has a residence permit in Belarus but cannot take part in the elections under the law.

However, human rights activists don't rule aout the possibility of the participation of foreign citizens in the voting, since the Central Election Commission adopted a ruling allowing to issue ballots after presenting not only one's passport, but also a military, student or disabled ID or driver's license.

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections"