Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections

Праваабарончы цэнтр «Вясна» беларускі хельсінкскі камітэт


PEC No. 14 in Hrodna refuses to provide information about number of electors in voter lists

An observer of the campaign "Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections" Uladzimir Khilmanovich addressed precinct election commission №14 of the Lieninski district of Hrodna with the request to provide information about the number of the electors in the voter lists.

However, the commission chairman, master of secondary school No. 2 Vital Krupovich refused to do it. After this, the observer repeated his request to the commission in writing. October 8, the commission held a sitting, attended by 9 members. All of them voted against giving such information to the observer.

Mr. Khilmanovich notes that such information wasn't a secret during previous electoral campaigns. He is convinced that the commission violates the law and the principles of openness and transparency. Therefore, he filed complaints to the Central Election Commission and the territorial election commissin of the Lieninski district of Hrodna.

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections"