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Viciebsk: students go to vote early en masse, while members of ballots, received by PECs, changes

More than 500 electors, students of the technological university, have voted at polling station No. 47 in the Pieršamajski district of Viciebsk.

Though there are fewer “active voters” at polling station No. 61, the commission managed to find” 100 additional ballots at night.

An observer of the Belarusian Leftist Party “Fair World” Uladzimir Kuzmin notes that chairs of PECs aren't always eager to share information about the number of the electors who voted early. However, when they do, the discrepancy between the precinct where votes are cast by students and those where there are only ordinary electors becomes evident. In the latter case, about 10-15 people come to the polling station per day, whereas students are urged to vote early and are sent to the polling stations right during classes. That's why the turnout at polling station No. 47 is much higher than at polling station No. 46, where dwellers of ordinary multi-stored houses are registered.

Another mismatch in the numbers, put in the protocols of voting by the chair of the commission was registered at polling station No. 61 by the observer Pavel Levinau:

"According to the protocol that was posted at the pollingstation in the evening on October 6, PEC No. 61 received 2,050 ballots, whereas in the morning on October 7, before the voting, the number was 2,150 ballots.” Pavel Levinau took photos of the both protocols and submitted to journalists. Here we present them to your attention. It remains unclear how the commission managed to “receive” 100 more ballots.

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