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Baranavičy observers state about forgery of documents of early voting

Baranavičy observers Ryhor Hryk and Tatsiana Strelchyk have registered forgery of the electoral documents during the first days of early voting ad filed an appropriate complaint to the Baranavičy Inter-district Prosecutor's Office.

The observers were constantly present at polling station No. 20 in Baranavičy, counting and putting down the number of the people who voted. According to their calculations, on October 6 there voted 39 people, whereas the number in the commission's report for that day is 143 voters. During the second day, October 7, the situation repeated: the number of the observers is 87 people versus 146 in the protocol.

The observers believe that the ballot-box stuffing could be done during the luchbreak or at night.

"Since the boxes are kept at the polling station at night without our observation, there is no confidence in their safety, and they can be stuffed with additional ballots. The bottom of the box is not sealed and during the voting a sheet of paper was seen protruding from the box. After an observer pointed at it, the duty member of the commission came to the ballot box and pushed it back in the ballot box with his hands,” write R. Hryk and T. Strelchyk in their complaint, stating these violations will affect the results of the vote.

Therefore, the observers asked the Baranavičy Inter-district Prosecutor's Office to carry out inspections on these facts, recognize the results of early voting at polling station №20 null and void, and to prosecute violators of electoral laws.

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