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Mahilioŭ: Kastryčnicki District Election Commission refuses to provide information about number of those who have cast their votes

This is reported by the Mahilioŭ human rights defender Barys Bukhel.

“October 7, I appealed to the chairman of the Kastryčnicki District Election Commission of Mahilioŭ Aliaksandr Kazhamiakin with the request to provide information about the number of the people who had voted early in the Kastryčnicki district on October 6, but he refused to do it”, says Mr Bukhel.

Instead, the commission chairman said that about 4% of people voted early. However, he refused to tell the exact number, saying that the Electoral Code doesn't oblige him to provide such information to observers. Barys Bukhel calls it a direct violation of the electoral legislation, according to which the work of the election commissions in Belarus is to be conducted openly and transparently.

He also says that the chairman of the commission also refused to give this information to another observer, Natallia Samakhvalava.

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections"