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Mahilioŭ: students continue voting early

Early voting of students
Early voting of students

Mahilioŭ observers register more and more cases of forcing to early voting. The record holder is polling station No. 42, located in gymnasium No. 3 in the Lieninski district of Mahilioŭ.

According to the observer Nadzeya Shkadun, the dormitory of the medical college, the dormitory of the Mahilioŭ State University named after A. Kuliashou and the dormitory of the art college are all located on the territory of electoral precinct No. 42.

“Today we have noticed an influx of students to the polling station. They keep coming in groups of 4-5 people. About 60 people came from the dormitory of the medical college.”

As reported by the observer 172 people voted at the polling station during the second day of early voting whereas the official number is 162 people. More than 70% of those who voted are students.

Ales Burakou who observes the elections at polling station No. 4, located in the building of the Mahilioŭ State Polytechnic College in the Lieninski district of Mahilioŭ, also says that students of the college keep coming for early voting.

“During the second day of the early voting, 86 people voted at the polling station, 80% of whom are students living in dormitories. There was one case, when the deputy head of the commission praised the young electors for coming to vote in the company of the curator of their university group!” says the observer.

Ales Burakou believes that if the tendency will persist, 50% electors will vote early at this precinct.

The highest discrepancy in the turnout was registered by an observer of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) Piatro Shkadun at polling station No. 72 in the Lieninski district of Mahilioŭ. According to his data, on October 7 there voted 153 people, whereas according to the data of the PEC – 274 people.

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