Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections

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Babrujsk citizens vote under supervision of their bosses

Early voting in Babrujsk is covered extensively in the state-run media. During the first two days of early voting, almost all students of colleges came to the polling stations. The newspaper of the Babrujsk City Executive Committee “Babrujskaje Žyccio” explains it with the personal wish of the electors.

“The youth are voting quite actively, but the elderly generation doesn't lag behind either: fifteen minutes after the beginning of the early voting there came three dwellers of the private sector. It's quite understandable: it is an important event and the people want to cast their votes, because the future, to a large extent, depends on each of us. That's why there are no indifferent people” qotes the newspaper the words of the chairman of precinct election commission No. 27 Aliaksandr Rusin.

Meanwhile, the independent observers state about cases of forcing to early voting at educational establishments and labor collectives.

“My boss insistently recommended me to come and vote, and I don't want to have any trouble at work”, tells Mikhail, worker of a road-building enterprise.

“I observe at polling station No. 28, and there happened and interesting thing”, tells an observer of the campaign “Right to Elect” Yauhen Vaskovich. “One woman said that all employees of the Department of Guard were told to vote and sign they would vote. She said it as something usual.”

The observers also note an increase in the turnout by 2-3 times on the second day of the early voting.

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections"