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Праваабарончы цэнтр «Вясна» беларускі хельсінкскі камітэт


Results of expert examination of “Viasna” report on situation of human rights in Belarus for 2014 still unknown after six months

Review-Chronicle "Situation of Human Rights in Belarus in 2014"
Review-Chronicle "Situation of Human Rights in Belarus in 2014"

March 13, 2015, Ašmiany customs officers seized more than 40 copies of the brochure “Situation of Human Rights in Belarus in 2014. Review-Chronicle” from the Smarhoń human rights activist Ales Dzerhachou while he was crossing the border.

In August Mr. Dzerhachou filed an official appeal to the customs office, asking why the results of the expert examination, to which the brochure had been sent, remained undisclosed after five months, and demanded to be sent a copy of the order for the appointment of the examination.

The human rights activist wasn't sent a copy of the examination order, but the deputy head of the Ašmiany customs D. Stsepanenka wrote in his reply that the Hrodna Regional Expert Commission had appointed the examination of the brochure on September 2015.

September ended a week ago, but Mr. Dzerhachou still hasn't been informed about the results of the expert examination. He believes that this six-month protraction is connected to the presidential elections and the authorities are reluctant to publicize persecution of individuals for carrying editions with the assessment of the human rights situation in the country before the end of the present elections.