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Baranavičy: discrepancy in number of voters on October 6 is 104 persons

As a result of the first day of early voting at polling station No. 20, located in school No. 15, Hayavaya Str., 15 in Baranavičy, there was discovered a large discrepancy in the number of the voters who allegedly cast their votes. In the final protocol that was hanged out by the precinct election commission at 7 p.m. on October 6, this number was 143 persons, whereas indepdendent observers counted only 39.

“We have been attentively observing the process of early voting at this polling station whole day. According to our calculations, only 39 people voted at it. You see, the discrepancy is 104 persons. I don't know where these people appeared from, but I believe that they were just added. If the commission continues counting the votes this way, the election at this precinct may end well before the election day and no one will be left at the polling station by October 11,” commented observer Ryhor Hryk.

The civil society activist also pointed out that the bottom of the ballot box for early voting at precinct No. 20 hasn't been sealed and a white sheet of paper protruded from a hole there. This sheet was pushed back in the ballot box on an order of the PEC chairperson only after the observer's remark.

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections"