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Brest: UCP activist to be dismissed from work after participation in electoral campaign

Liudmila Zakharanka, UCP activist from Brest
Liudmila Zakharanka, UCP activist from Brest

A member of the United Civil Party who had actively collected signatures for the nomination of the UCP Chairman Anatol Liabedzka as a candidate for presidency, has received a notice from the Brest Electromechanical Plant that her labor contract would not be extended.

The plant management hasn't explained the reasons for this decision, whereas Liudmila Zakharanka believes that it is politically motivated. “I haven't had any disciplinary penalties or admonitions, that's why I see no reasons for my dismissal,” says the activist.

She notes that the trouble started after a member of the plant management had seen hear collecting signatures for Mr. Liabedzka. “I was hinted that I shouldn't do it, as it could negatively influence my career. It proved to be true,” notes Liudmila Zakharanka.

The UCP activist is going to challenge the decision about her dismissal and require official explanations from the management of the plant.

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections"