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Brest: Deputy Dean/observer forbids students to tell about forcing to early voting

Sviatlana Kuhan.
Sviatlana Kuhan.

Students of Brest State Technical University have complained that they were forced to vote early. Independent journalists tried to find out the details and do interviews with the students who came to the polling station, but a worker of the university who introduced herself as an observer started interfering with their work.

Journalists Ales Liauchuk and Milana Kharytonava visited the main building of the university, and then – other relevant polling stations that are located in the cafe “Zodčyja” that belongs to the university. Some students told them that they were forced to vote early, and their turnout was controlled the turnout at the polling station.

As it turned out, this “representative” was Deputy Dean on educational work of the Brest State Techbnical University Sviatlana Kuhan (pictured), accredited as an observer from the pro-governmental NGO "Bielaja Ruś". It was her who actually forbade the students to give comments
to the journalists, whereas other students, after a talk with her, stated that they came to vote early on their own wish.

It's quite interesting that Sviatlana Kuhan didn't tall the journalists her name and position, promising to sue them for libel instead.

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