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Kalinkavičy: polling station commissions are trained to work at elections with “Master Class by Provocateurs”

Photo by Kalinkavickija Naviny"
Photo by Kalinkavickija Naviny"

A training for chairpersons and members of precinct election commissions, entitled "Free and democratic elections - transparent procedures" was held in Kalinkavičy by the district election commission.

The official aim of the event is "to develop an algorithm of actions in each of the nearly thirty episodes considered". According to local newspaper "Kalinkavickija Naviny", one of the episodes of the training is as follows: observers state they are too far from the table where the ballots are
was such a situation: Observers say that are far away from the table where ballots are counted, and therefore they cannot observe the process of the counting, and therefore make their stand closer to the table. “The commission chairperson returns them back to their places and warns that they would be removed from the precinct if they will keep coming closer,” reports the district newspaper. The journalists say nothing as to whether the commission is right in this case and how it should act in this case. Instead, the author of the article writes that “participants of the even also watched the documentary “Master Class from Provocateurs”, produced by the TV channel NTV and disclosing the use of dirty technologies at polling stations by representatives of destructive forces”.

This scandalous film was broadcast on the Russian TV on September 11, 2015. “NTV obtained a unique NTV footage of secret seminars for observers from the opposition, where they are taught to fabricate groundless scandals at elections and create publicity to discredit the elections,” reads the advertisement of the film by the Russian TV channel.

The authors of the film denigrate the Russian opposition, especially the project “Open Elections”. According to the film, NTV journalists allegedly got o a secret seminar for observers, which allegedly resembled a "briefing on the preparation of electoral fraud with the aim of their subsequent disclosure, as if there are no violations – one can organize them on one's own”. Then the film proceeds to the familiar accusations of the Russian opposition of nearly state treason by serving “foreign curators, pseudo civil associations and hired protest leaders."

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