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Kličaŭ: police burst into house of democratic activist at night

As reported by an activist of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party in Kličaŭ, Liudmila Hushcha, the police broke into her house at night without any sanction. They explained to the frightened woman that they were “looking for a thief”.

“It happened on September 26, at about 12 p.m.”, says Liudmila Hushcha. “I was very tired and fell asleep on the sofa, without undressing. Suddenly I woke up from a noise in the next room, a dog barked. I saw that somebody was shining with flashlights: there were some people in the police uniform, who were waking freely in my house! It seemed that they weren't expecting my appearance, and gave a muddled explanation that they were allegedly looking for a thief, who had run into the house.”

The woman was shocked and therefore didn't ask them to present their documents and even showed them around the house.

“They were looking for their thief in the wardrobes, and even looked under a stool. Then they went to the cowshed and the kitchen garden – and then went away. When I came to my senses after the strange visit, I decided to phone to the police. But the duty policeman just answered: “Calm down! They have caught the thief!”

The next day the woman saw that the front door handles were broken and decided to go to the prosecutor's office to file an appeal and demand explanations about the grounds for the night visit.

“The secretary didn't let me to see the prosecutor, telling he was busy. I came later and was received very coldly. I had strained conversations with the prosecutor and the head of the Kličaŭ District Police Department Ihar Alkhouski. It's quite interesting what they will answer to my appeals.”

Liudmila Hushcha says the police visit can be connected to the elections. “I don't take part in the present electoral campaign due to family reasons. However, during the previous electoral campaign I publicly reported about an election fraud. Afterwards I was even summoned to the KGB and had trouble with the head of the electoral commission Kanstantsin Kharchanka, who threatened me. I don't know what to think now, but am sure that the police must not break the locks on the doors and enter my house without permission,” says Liudmila Hushcha.