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Prosecutors ignore expulsion of activist from election commission in Viciebsk

According to Valery Misnikau, he has written to the Viciebsk City Prosecutor's Office to complain of his expulsion from the city’s precinct commission No. 17. He was included in the commission on August 16. However, his name was not among the commission members, he said.

The meeting was attended by an observer of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, Pavel Levinau, who with his own eyes saw the officials vote for Valery Misnikau as a representative of the Republican Party of Labor and Justice.

However, Mr. Misnikau was not invited to the first meeting of the commission, and the website of the Viciebsk city executive committee said nothing about his new position.

As a result, the activist wrote to the Prosecutor’s Office. However, the deadline for a written response has expired, while Mr. Misnikau has not received any reaction from the prosecuting authorities. On September 10, he visited the Prosecutor's Office and left a complaint in the book of comments and suggestions, asking the prosecutor to hasten the consideration of his appeal. During his visit, the activist was told that an answer had been sent to him. “I said there was no answer. We started talking. I explained that I was only interested in two questions. However, the official did not want to listen to me and continued asking some strange questions: “Which party nominated you? And how did it happen?” I said that it's technical issues and asked to tell me why my name disappeared from the list?” He then promised to call the police,” Valery Misnikau told the website.

The policeman on duty did not take any measures to detain Valery Misnikau. Three days later the activist received a response to his entry in the book of complaints and suggestions. It said that on September 9 the City Prosecutor's Office replied to his questions. But Mr. Misnikau still argues that he has not received any reply, and on September 14 he filed a complaint to the Prosecutor of Viciebsk region.

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