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Conditions for electoral campaigning leave much to be desired in Hlusk

Information stand in Hlusk
Information stand in Hlusk

September 11, resolutions №21-14, №21-15, №21-16 that define the conditions for the election campaign in Hlusk, were published at the website of the Hlusk District Executive Committee.

According to them, there is only one place for indoor electoral events, the cinema “Aryjon”, and another one – for outdoor events, the city stadium.

Posting printed materials of the campaign is allowed at just three (!) information stands. One of them is located on Kirov Street, near the city park, another – near the shop “Rodny Kut”, and the third – near nursery №4 on Gagarin Street.

The decisions Hlusk executive committee stated that the conditions for the election campaign in the territory of rural settlements of the district will determine the chairmen of rural executive committees.

Ihar Kiryn, the observer of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee at the Hlusk District Electoral Commission, states that the city authorities haven't created really good conditions for electoral campaigning. He notes that, like in 2006 and 2010, the authorities designated just one place for electoral mass events, conducted by the presidential candidates and their agents – the city stadium, which isn't very popular with the public. These conditions are considerably worse than the conditions during the collection og signatures in support of the nomination of candidates, when pickets were allowed in many other places.

It is also doubtful that these three information stands will suffice for all Hlusk voters to get acquainted with all presidential candidates and their electoral programs.

As a positive fact that the observer notes that the building of the cinema "Aryjon", designated as the place for indoor electoral meetings is larger than the building of the district House of Culture, which was designated as the place for such meetings in 2006 and 2010.

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