Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections

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CEC answers Baranavičy human rights activist: it's not campaigning, but "formation of social activity of citizens"

Baranavičy human rights activist Siarhei Housha filed a repeated complain to the Central Election Commission regarding the early campaigning for Lukashenka.

Let us remind that in his first appeal, dated September 6, the human rights defender drew attention to the fact that the campaigning in Baranavičy had started even before the registration of the candidates by the CEC. In particular, during the socio-cultural event "We Are Together", held in the city ice palace, deputy chairman of the Brest Regional Executive Committee Mikalai Tokarau, welcoming the artists and the audience before the concert, called on residents of the city of Baranavičy to cast their votes for the incumbent president.

However, the CEC did not see trait of early campaigning for any persons nominated as presidential candidates in the speech of the Deputy Chairman of the Brest REC. In its answer to the human rights activist the CEC emphasized that Mikalai Tokar wasn't a member of the electoral team of any of the potential candidates and that the concert in Baranavičy was seeking to “form the social activeness among the population and raising spiritual and moral foundations.”

The human rights defender filed a repeated complaint to the CEC, in which he noted that what had been held in the Baranavičy Ice Palace wasn't just a concert, but a blatant early agitation for the incumbent president, and again asks to consider his complain and take measures in accordance with the Electoral Code.

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections"