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Minsk authorities determined places for campaigning in Minsk

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Minsk City Executive Committee has determined the sites for pre-election campaigning, as well as the list of premises for meetings of presidential candidates with voters and the list of places where informational boards could be installed for the purpose of placing the printed campaign materials of the candidates on them.

As during the campaign of 2010, mass events for pre-election campaign can be held in any suitable places on the territory of Minsk with the exception of:

- underground, rail and air transport, pedestrian subways, bridges and overpasses, the carriageway of roads;
- Kastryčnickaja Square, Niezaliežnasć Square, Pieramoha Square Yakub Kolas Square;
- places located at a distance less than 200 meters from the presidential residence buildings, the National Assembly, the Council of Ministers;
- located at a distance of less than 50 meters from the buildings of republican state bodies, local representative, executive and administrative bodies, diplomatic missions and consular offices, courts, prosecution bodies, territories of organizations providing defense capability and security of the state, childcare facilities.

This year, the Dziaržaŭny Sciah and Pryvakzaĺnaja Squares were added to the list of the prohibited places. Excluded were the TV and Radio center, the territories of the organizations, providing the vital activities of the population (public transport, enterprises of water, heat and power supply, hospitals, educational institutions, – with the exception of pre-school institutions, which remain on the list), as well as the territories of nuclear stations and/or stationary objects and/or facilities for storing nuclear materials, spent nuclear materials and/or operational radioactive waste, and their sanitary protection zones.

The authorities also extended the list of places for installation of information boards for the printed campaign materials – now the list includes 22 objects more, compared to the campaign of 2010.

Minsk CEC also allows placing such materials at the information stands of housing maintenance organizations (including stands located near the entrances of dwelling houses), hostels and health care facilities. Campaign materials can also be posted on the information stands of other organizations on permission of their management.

However, it is prohibited to place campaign materials of the candidates for President of the Republic of Belarus in the places that are not designated for this purpose.

As it used to be in 2010, taking measures to prevent the holding of mass electoral events and placement of the campaign materials in the places that aren't designated for such purposes, as well as securing the public order in the designated places is the duty of the Main Police Department of the Minsk City Executive Committee.

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