Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections

Праваабарончы цэнтр «Вясна» беларускі хельсінкскі камітэт


It is virtually impossible to find about working schedule of Brest PECs

According to an independent observer Uladzimir Vialichkin, the first organizational sittings of the precinct election commissions, formed within the frames of the current electoral campaign, were held without the public attention.

Mr. Vialichkin reminded that according to Art. 13 of the Electoral Code of Belarus, elections in our country must take place openly and publicly. This applies to the right of the voters who resides in the territory of a certain territorial electoral unit, to be able to attend the meetings of the respective electoral commission and obtain information about its activities. However, according to the observer it is virtually impossible to find about the working schedule of the PECs in Brest.

Uladzimir Vialichkin noted that he had also addressed the Maskoŭski District Election Commission of Brest with a request to present information about members of the PECs, but had received a denial.

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections"