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Homieĺ Regional Election Commission came to Mazyr to check observer's complaint, but he wasn't shown any signature sheets of Haidukevich and Ulakhovich

Human rigths defender Uladzimir Tseliapun
Human rigths defender Uladzimir Tseliapun

September 4, Mazyr was visited by members of Homieĺ Regional Election Commission, headed by its deputy chairperson Tamara Lukyanenka.

One of the aims of the visit was to consider the complaint, filed by an election observer Uladzimir Tseliapun regarding the the lack of transparency and openness in the work of Mazyr District Election Commission. The observer asked the REC to familiarize him with the signature sheets for the nomination of the candidacies of Siarhei Haidukevich and Mikalai Ulakhovich for the presidential elections. However, the REC members held separate meetings with Mr. Tseliapun and the deputy chair of Mazyr DEC Verenika Baikova.

Tamara Lukyanenka noted that Mazyr DEC failed to make a collegiate decision on the observer's complaint, which would be reflected in the decision of Homieĺ Regional Electoral Commission.

"What concerns my demand to be familiarized with the signature sheet, the deputy chair of Homieĺ REC stated that the decision of Mazyr DEC was taken in conformity with requirements of the Eletion Code. At the same time, Tamara Lukyanenka expressed dissatisfaction with the signature sheets in support of Viktar Tsiareshchanka with already known claims to their content. Why then can't be the signature sheets in support of Haidukevich and Ulakhovich be shown to observers? I didn't hear a concrete answer to this question,” commented Mr. Tseliapun.

During his meeting with representatives of the REC he noted that referring only to the Electoral Code during this political campaign wasn't entirely correct. Article 2 of the Electoral Code says that the legal framework of the electoral system consists of the Constitution, the Electoral Code and other legislative acts and decisions of the Central Election Commission.

"It is necessary to improve the Electoral Code, for which both observers and election commissions need to make proposals to the Central Election Commission – these were the conclusions of our meeting,” said the observer.

The final decision on the appeal will be made on Monday, September 7, at the meeting of the Regional Election Commission, to which Mr. Tseliapun has been invited.

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