Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections

Праваабарончы цэнтр «Вясна» беларускі хельсінкскі камітэт


PECs in Saviecki district of Homieĺ are chaired entirely by bosses, commissioners being their subordinates

Analysis of the composition of precinct election commissions (PECs) in the Saviecki district of Homieĺ reveals a pattern that is unlikely to contribute to a free expression of the voters' will.

Moreover, the opinion of members of election commissions can be ignored by the heads of the commissions. Naturally, members of election commissions are unlikely to be able to somehow resist the possible violations of the election legislation, if they are subordinated to the chairman at work.

In particular, polling station No. 2 is located in the hostel of the JSC "Homieĺ Carriage Works". The precinct election commission is headed by the director of the plant, Ihar Krasnou, while the commission consists of his subordinates. Deputy director of "Centralit” Uladzimir Saikou heads PEC No. 13, located in the hostel of that enterprise.

The lists of commission members do not specify the office positions of the heads of the commissions – they are indicated as representatives of groups of citizens or civil society organizations.

Director of “"Homieĺvoblhaz” ("Homieĺ Regional Gas”) Andrei Konik chairs PEC No. 14, director of “"Homieĺenerha” Uladzimir Silich – PEC No. 15, Director General of the JSC “Milkavita” Viktar Hamolka – PEC No. 27, director of school No. 47 Vasil Shabunia – PEC No. 30, located in that school, and director of gymnasium No. 46 Alena Shautsova will head PEC No. 39.

Director of a branch of the Power Equipment Plant Uladzimir Tsikhanenka chairs PEC No. 31, chair of a branch of “"Homieĺtransnafta” (“"Homieĺ Oil Transport”) Aliaksandr Dzialets – PEC No. 32.

If a polling station is located in Homieĺ Regional Hospital, one can easily guess that it will be headed by the chief physician, Uladzimir Buhakou, the commissioners will be his subordinates, and the voters will be somehow dependent on the chief physician. A similar situation can be observed at Homieĺ Regional Specialized Hospital, where the PEC is headed by the chief physician Stsiapan Krot.

Polling station No. 48 is located in the hostel of Homieĺ State Technical University and will, no surprise, be chaired by its rector, Siarhei Tsimoshyn.

The building of engineering college hosts two polling stations. One of the respective PECs is headed by the college director, and the other – by the deputy director.

By the way, the state media reported that women comprise more than 75% of members of PECs in Homieĺ region. However, most chairmen are still men. For instance, this is the case with 56 out of 69 PECs in the Saviecki district of Homieĺ.

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections"