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Observers ask to double-check signatures in Maladziečna

Eduard Balanchuk and Aliaksandr Kaputski, observers accredited in Maladziečna, have written to the District Prosecutor’s Office to complain about a violation of electoral legislation during the registration of signature sheets for the nomination of presidential contenders.

On August 22, during the verification of signatures at a meeting of the Maladziečna District Election Commission, the observers noted a number of irregularities in the signature sheets, which were omitted by the scrutiny, including in the nomination papers of Mikalai Ulakhovich and Siarhei Haidukevich.

In particular, the observers argue that the signature sheets feature signatures of citizens from other districts and citizens with a residence permit. In a number of sheets, the dates were apparently put by the same person. In some cases, the authenticity of voters’ signatures is dubious, as handwriting is very similar.

Meanwhile, the observers were not allowed to see the signature sheets sampled for verification.

Based on the comments, Eduard Balanchuk and Aliaksandr Kaputski urge the District Prosecutor to launch a probe for compliance with the electoral laws.

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections"