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Astraviec: UCP member appeals ban on membership in precinct election commission

Mikalai Ulasevich. Photo by
Mikalai Ulasevich. Photo by

Mikalai Ulasevich, a member of the United Civil Party, has filed a complaint in the Astraviec District Court against the district executive committee which refused to include him in one of the local precinct election commissions. The PECs were formed on August 25. Mikalai Ulasevich was nominated to the Varniany-based election commission No. 7, but his candidacy was rejected.

According to Mikalai Ulasevich, a meeting on the formation of election commissions in the Astraviec district was accompanied by violations of the principles of openness and transparency. In fact, it was held in a closed session. Mikalai Ulasevich was not notified of the place and time of the meeting, in spite of his timely request. He was told to read the official website of the Astraviec district executive committee, but there was no such information there.

Mikalai Ulasevich asks the court to invalidate the decision on the formation of the district’s election commissions.

The other day, the activist received a formal rejection from the Main Department of Justice of the Hrodna regional executive committee. The officials for the third time denied registration to the Astraviec district branch of the United Civil Party.

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections"