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Part of signatures for Viktar Tsiareshchanka printed, says observer in Mahilioŭ

Viktar Tsiareshchanka
Viktar Tsiareshchanka

A portion of signature sheets submitted for the nomination of presidential contender Viktar Tsiareshchanka have been printed, instead of being handwritten, says human rights activist Aliaksei Kolchyn, who attended yesterday’s meeting of the Lieninski district election commission in Mahilioŭ.

“A total of 216 signature sheets with 2,606 signatures were checked. The audit revealed 531 false signatures, of which 529 were printed on a color printer, and 2 more signatures were not confirmed by the voters, who allegedly like put them,” says the observer.

“That is the number of invalid signatures made up 20.3% of the total amount sampled for verification. Meanwhile, in accordance with Art. 67 of the Electoral Code, if the number of invalid signatures of voters is over 15 percent of the total number of verified signatures, an additional check is carried out for another 15 percent of voters’ signatures of the number of signatures required for the registration of the candidate.

In the case of Viktar Tsiareshchanka, the commission of five people selected 163 sheets with 1,861 signatures and will check them until August 31. If the total number of invalid signatures detected during the scrutiny is more than 15% of the total number of verified signatures in the signature sheets, further verification of signatures is suspended,” said Aliaksei Kolchyn.