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Babrujsk: Election commission announces fantastic number of signatures for Ulakhovich

According to information announced by the chairman of the election commission of Babrujsk’s Pieršamajski district, the greatest number of signatures was submitted by the nomination group of Aliaksandr Lukashenka. This is not surprising, since administrative resources have been widely used to gather signatures for the incumbent. Nomination activists were under an obligation to gather the required number of signatures, which ranged from 150 to 300 signatures per person. Lukashenka’s nomination group involved doctors, teachers, and factory workers. As a result, it has gathered 26,183 signatures across the district.

Meanwhile, the number of signatures collected for the nomination of Mikalai Ulakhovich, 11,229, looks absolutely unreal. The members of his nomination group launched the campaign late, saying that before they had collected signatures walking door-to-door. But collectors of signatures for other candidates and independent observers emphasize that they have never seen any activities of Ulakhovich’s nomination team, except for a couple of pickets stage at the central market.

“In order to collect 11,229 signatures in Pieršamajski district alone, it is necessary to visit almost every apartment,” says local opposition activist Halina Smirnova Bobruisk, who has extensive experience in election campaigns. “In the previous presidential election, we walked from one apartment to another, and there we were often said, "We have already signed for other candidates." Now, this never happened, and if it happened, Ulakhovich’s name did not sound at all. We never heard about him during the pickets, too, meanwhile people like coming up to tell for whom they have already signed. Therefore the announced numbers sound unreal!”

The third place, according to the TEC, is occupied by Siarhei Haidukevich. His presence in the campaign also causes a lot of questions, but the numbers are not as fantastic – 3,936 signatures. Tatsiana Karatkevich has submitted 2,734 signatures and Viktar Tsiareshchanka – 1,096 signatures. Other nomination groups have not submitted any signatures to the election commission.

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