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Smarhoń district: 25% of voters’ signatures support the incumbent

On Saturday, August 22, the Smarhoń district election commission met to address the question of selecting signatures for checking.

As it turned out, the district election commission had received the signature sheets from only one nomination group – that of Aliakasandr Lukashenka. There were 10,223 signatures in total, which suggests that 25% of the voters registered in the district have put their signatures for the candidate.

According to local observer Ales Dzerhachou, the sheets for inspection had been selected ahead of the meeting. Therefore, it is unknown even to members of the commission (except for the chairperson and the secretary) which signatures have not been selected for a verification procedure. Ales Dzerhachou says he was not allowed to observe the verification process, as the observer may only be present at the meetings of the commission. However, the commission head Raisa Zakharych told the observer that he would be allowed to view the selected signature sheets after their verification.

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections"