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Minsk City Court to examine video evidence in ex-presidential contender’s disorderly conduct case

Pavel Kanavalchyk
Pavel Kanavalchyk

The Minsk City Court heard yesterday a complaint against a fine imposed on presidential contender Yury Shulhan together with his associate Pavel Kanavalchyk after they were detained outside the building of the Central Election Commission on July 17.

The incident had many inconsistencies, but on July 20 Judge Tatsiana Matyl sentenced Pavel Kanavalchyk to a fine of 3.6 mln rubles.

On August 18, Judge Valery Kamisarau granted the request to screen video footage recorded by a camera installed in the foyer of the Maskoŭski district police department. According to P. Kanavalchyk, the video clearly shows that neither he nor Yury Shulhan committed an offense under Art. 17.1 of the Administrative Code, “disorderly conduct”, as it was argued in a police report. The court will also make a request to the detention center about the intoxication examination, as the results recorded during the arrest and those documented at the detention center differ by 6 times.

The trial was adjourned and a rehearing will be assigned.