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Mahilioŭ: People sign for Lukashenka even without passports

Aliaksei Paulouski
Aliaksei Paulouski

It turned out during the collection of signatures in a dormitory of the Transmaš enterprise where activist Aliaksei Paulouski was collecting signatures for Tatsiana Karatkevich, reports.

The activist says he could not enter most of the rooms, as the owners either did not want to open or were out at the time.

Aliaksei Paulouski managed to talk to a middle-aged woman. At first she refused to sign for Karatkevich, saying that she had already signed up for one of the candidate.

- For our current President.

- Is that your position?

- No, they just came in and asked to put a date and signature in the form.

- Did they ask you to come with the passport beforehand?

- No, maybe, they took the data in the personnel department.

The information was confirmed by almost all the hostel residents who work at the factory. Many people were offered to put the date and signature only. No one refused because they did not want any problems.

“Unfortunately, it is common practice. I’ve been to many places collecting signatures there, and the people who work at state-owned factories, Zenit, Liftmaš, Chimvalakno, complained that they were forced to sign for Lukashenka. And if you do not sign, then the employer threatened not to extend their employment contracts, strip bonuses or evict from the dormitory,” says the campaigner.

According to some reports, workers of Zenit were ordered not to put signatures for other candidates besides Lukashenka. “Certainly, it is a violation of the Constitution and the Electoral Code and these violations must be fought,” said Mr. Paulouski.