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Websites of local newspapers in Hrodna region cover Lukashenka nomination pickets only

The websites of local government-owned newspapers in the Hrodna region have been actively covering the activities of the nomination group for the incumbent Aliaksandr Lukashenka. In particular, the website of the Astravieckaja Praŭda (a government-run newspaper in the district of Astraviec) has posted six publications in just two weeks.

The website of the Lidskaja Hazieta (Lida district) features three articles, two of which cover pickets staged by the pro-government Youth Union to collect signatures for Aliaksandr Lukashenka, another one – the activities of local trade unions in support of the head of state.

The official newspaper of Smarhoń district, Svietly Šliach, has told about collecting signatures for Lukashenka arranged by trade union activists in the town of Soly, as well as about the pickets staged in the district center by activists of the Youth Union.

The Ščučyn-based local newspaper Dziannica has told in several articles about several pickets in support of Lukashenka’s nomination staged by representatives of the Youth Union and the Union of Women, as well as about the pickets arranged by pro-government trade union activists. Since the beginning of August, the newspaper has published a total of six similar articles.

The government-run newspapers of the Hrodna region have virtually no information on the collection of signatures for alternative candidates. As an exception, the nomination group of Anatol Liabedzka is mentioned in a publication by the Ašmianski Viesnik weekly.

Photos: collecting signatures for the nomination of Anatol Liabedzka and Tatsiana Karatkevich in Hrodna

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