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Brest region to have 36 closed polling station at presidential elections

One of the closed polling station is located on the territory of a military unit in Brest, whereas the rest belong to hospitals, sanatoriums and other resort facilities.

All in all, 939 polling stations have been established for this elections, which is 47 less compared to the previous presidential elections. According to the head of the personnel and organizational department of Brest Regional Executive Committee Siarhei Tsimashuk, the number was reduced due to cancellation of polling stations in military units.

This year, the largest number of polling stations is in Maskoŭski district of Brest (87) and in Stolin district of Brest region (73). The lowest number is in Žabinka and Malaryta (20) districts. It's quite interesting that during this elections some polling stations in Brest are located in shopping centers.

"Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections