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Collector of signatures for Tatsiana Karatkevich detained in Mikaševičy

Leanid Dubanosau
Leanid Dubanosau

Leanid Dubanosau was detained at about 8 p.m. on August 12, while collecting signatures at the entrance to a porch of house No. 29 in Pieršamajskaja Street.

The collector of signatures was detained by the senior police lieutenant Aliaksandr Areshkevich, who took him to Mikaševičy District Police Department, arguing that the detainee was allegedly collecting signatures while being drunk. Later the policeman saw that Dubanosau was sober and told him he wouldn't take him to hospital for examination, but needed to take him to the police department for drawing up a report of questioning.

At the police department Mr. Dubanosau demanded that the report be drawn up in the Belarusian language, but Aliaksandr Areshkevich was unable to do so. Therefore, the report was written by police lieutenant Ruslan Kavaleuski.

Then, they still decided to check whether the signature collector was sober and took him to hospital. The examination confirmed his sobriety. Leanid Dubanosau, in his turn, initially filed an appeal against the actions of senior lieutenant Areshkevich regarding the groundless detention and interference with the collection of signatures in support of Tatsiana Karatkevich. However, the duty police major Viktar Kaptsila told him, that the false information was given to them over the phone by senior lieutenant Siarhei Dashkevich. Then Mr. Dubanosau revoked his appeal against Areshkevch's actions and filed an appeal with the police against the actions of Siarhei Dashkevich.

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