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Administration of Mahilioŭ plant "Zenith" promises to control the vote of workers

Violations of the collection of signatures for Lukashenka in Zhodzina
Violations of the collection of signatures for Lukashenka in Zhodzina

Administration officials have banned the workers to sign in support of other candidates for the presidency, but Aliaksandr Lukashenko, and insist that they exclusively voted for him. The information as to how they will control the votes is not disclosed.

This was reported to a member of the electoral team of the presidential contender Tatiana Karatkevich, Aliaksei Paulouski, to the factory workers.

“I was told by the factory workers that the company's administration will keep track of who and how voted, and banned to vote for other candidates. The plant's management informed the workers that they would work as part of the precinct election commissions, and would monitor not only the attendance not only its employees, but also the way they voted,” said Aliaksei Paulouski.

He also said he hadn't heard of such things before, but it means that the precinct commisions have been formed already.

In this regard, Aliaksei Paulouski filed a claim to Mahilioŭ City Prosecutor's Office and Mahilioŭ City Council of Deputies. He demands to prosecute the administration of the plant "Zenith" for malpractice, and withdraw signatures in support of the nomination of the candidacy of Aliaksandr Lukashenka, collected under the pressure of the administration of this plant.

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