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Brest district: concerts are purposefully organized during electoral pickets of Aliaksandr Lukashenka

Photo from "Zara nad Buham"
Photo from "Zara nad Buham"

This is stated in the article "Signature - not yet vote, but the position is already visible", published the state regional newspaper "Zara nad Buham".

The article is dedicated to the collection of signatures for nomination of candidates for the president, and it is stated that "the local authorities have taken all necessary measures to ensure that that company take place in the most liberal conditions".

In fact, the article contains information only on the electoral pickets in support of the incumbent President, telling the readers about the active participation of representatives of the Republican pro-government NGO “Bielaja Ruś” in them, and then dwelling upon a picket in the village of Teĺmy.

The author of the article doesn't hide that the villagers pay little interest to the very process of the collection of signatures, but come to listen to popular songs, performed by the local creative groups of the local Culture Palace. As it is clear from the publication, the concert was deliberately organized to match the time of the electoral picket of Aliaksandr Lukashenka.

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