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Electoral meeting of Anatol Liabedzka in Babrujsk attended by ideologists

Anatol Liabedzka at electoral picket in Babruisk. August 7, 2015
Anatol Liabedzka at electoral picket in Babruisk. August 7, 2015

August 7, Anatol Liabedzka visited the pickets of his electoral team in Babrujsk. One of the pickets was held at the checkpoint of the JSC “Bielšyna” (“Belarusian Tyre”), where about a thousand of workers have been dismissed this year.

The activists wanted to talk with workers. Suddenly, the picket was attended by the local ideologists: the head of the department for work with public associations, religious organizations and youth of Babrujsk City Executive committee Ihar Nestsiarovich, the deputy head of “Bielšyna” on ideological work and general issues Yury Andryieuski, and a member of the regional election commission Siarhei Bitkin. The officials spoke with the politician and the workers who were brave enough to come to the picketers, spoke about their problems. However, many workers hurriedly ran through the signature collectors, saying they had already signed in support of the nomination of Aliaksandr Lukashenka for the presidential elections. The local journalists believe they could be scared by photo and video cameras.

“The local authorities are very loyal to members of electoral teams”, pointed Babruisk UCP activist Halina Smirnova. “They feel quite confident. I asked the ideologist Nestsiarovich to visit our pickets near the sauna, at the intersection of Minskaja and Kastryčnickaja Streets, as it is a real opportunity to find about people's problems and thoughts.”

After the meeting with “Bielšyna” workers Anatol Liabedzka went to the picket at the intersection of Minskaja and Kastryčnickaja Streets, whereas the ideologists decided not to follow him. There the contender again used his megaphone to attract the attention of Babrujskers. Some of them treated him positively and approached him to listen, somebody asked whether something was handed out free of charge there. One woman, however, charged at Anatol Liabedzka, shouting “Who allowed you to say such things?”.

“Compared to the previous presidential election campaign, people have little interests in the elections”, says Halina Smirnova. “Those who are against Lukashenka do not believe in the victory of an independent candidate, saying that everything that the result of the elections has been already determined by the authorities. On the other hand, those who support Lukashenka aren't interested either, having the same explanation. Probably, that's how one can explain a certain liberalisation of the conditions for campaigning,” believes Babruksk activist.

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